Tantra Agni Homa (Yajna)

The sacred fire rituals for Self and Inner Planetary transformation

In India fire ritual are called Yajna (pronounced yagyas)

We will be having Yajna every Friday at our Seremban Malaysia center. All are invited to join us on donations basis.

Everything that can be found in the universe can be described as either fire of fuel for fire. All things are either burning or are combustible. Whatever fire can burn is also fire Therefore, fire can be regarded as the underlying reality behind all existence. Fire can be a destructive masculine force or a feminine force that warms and nourishes.

The sacred fire within us is our soul, the immortal part of our nature that is our guide and true self the secret intelligence of God/Goddess latent within us

Taking part in a Yajna is a practice of honoring our soul by focusing on the light of the flames as if it were our own inner light, reciting mantras that connect us with the energies of the Gods and Goddesses and becoming silent within so that we can experience our soul.

“When we participate in Yajnas or sacred fire rituals particularly at key transitional points of sunrise and sunset, full moon nights or the solstices, we enter into the universal order of light. We become part of the day, the month and the year. The universe begins to stir in us and work its magic of growth and change. Time becomes a process of transformation, nourishing our inner light and ripening our souls”. (Yoga and the sacred fire, David Frawley, pg. 27)

Yajna with Shri Param Eswaran at the Mahavidya Temple South IndiaThose who are interested in Hindu Dharma, and those who want to experience The sacred fire within can help to facilitate this event for World and Self healing.

We will share with you the religious practices, observances and rituals. when, how and where certain rituals are to be performed. Benefits of Divine Communion are given special emphasis.

For only when conflict and negativity are removed from within can we play a truly constructive role in establishing peace within one self and those around who can serve or oppose you. With the goal of peace in mind, let us together, create peace and harmony within by learning the teachings of Agni Homa — an important limb of Tantra that will help us cleanse ourselves and the world around us. It will also help you connect with your self from within, help you to come from the space of Love.

IFC Mahavidya Temple  has designed a few workshops around the globe and a Spiritual Tour of India for those of you who are serious in changing their lives and connecting with their Inner Love

Now that we live in the age of Kali (Kali yuga) Evil is back in the form of Pollution caused by the mistake of human beings, by going after fame, glory, money, desires and more. We live in a very special and crucial time. On one side, the evil enacts its utmost violence on the planet, and the other, very little grace operates on the planet now.

Great sages like Krishna with Geeta, Buddha with the 8 fold path of Dharma, Jesus with Love and co-existence, Mohammed talked about truth, yet humans are still dancing with evil.

It is time that we set disciplines and values in order to harmonize ourselves to surrounding and most of all Mother Earth.

We are removing tree or they die of disease, and in the end there will not be enough oxygen to breathe on this planet, for the plants breathe out oxygen and we breathe in oxygen.

Pollution today effect mankind, water, soil, space, plant and more. In the Bhopal Gas leakage in India only two families survived in that incident. What made them survive.

It was the Divine (Para-Brahma or Adthi Para-Sakthi) conspiracy that protected the family, when she decides to lift us all up, even if we want to resist it.

When we try to harmonize with her energy, our misery will be less. To help us She has revealed all the ancient sciences to us through the teaching of Tantra.

Agnihotra is one of them, the basic process given at the time of creation, to the Hindus through the Vedas. The same has been given to different cultures of the world.
The translation of the very first slokha of Rig Veda is to Lord Agni.

“Agnim Ithae purohitam yaknyashya thevam regvijam Hothaaram rathna taathamam”

“I am offering my humble prayer to the Agni of Agni is the Absolute Divine, the awakener of the inner-energy, and the one who is the giver of prosperity, again I’m offering my humble prayer to Lord Agni

Agni in Sanskrit means fire. Scientifically, fire is defined, as burning that is rapid enough to produce heat and light. Heat and light can be in the form of a glow, a flame or a flash. In Chemistry, fire is the result of the combination of fuel, heat and oxygen.

Fire has for centuries been regarded as an element possessing strange power and of its mysterious origin. For human fire symbolized the Sun.

The Sun was universally acknowledged as the source of heat and light, and the foundation of all life.

The Roman had fire burning all the time in the temple of Vestal,

Africans had the sacred fire in the hut of the chief’s most important wife. Ancient Greeks like the Hindus considered Fire as one of the elements. Arab alchemists consider fire a substance Jews used to call the fire offering as Korban

Most cultures have used Fire as divinity, and the knowledge about purifying the atmosphere and the self.

Contact us should you want to empower your life and enjoy the divinity of a Living God/Goddess, and we will get in touch with you

Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavanthu
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti

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