Worshiping the Sri Chakra or Navayoni chakra.

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With Para-Tan sound healing, we find the similarity of the chakra system and the system of the Sri Chakra. The Meru is the three dimensions of the Sri Chakra. If we returned to the two dimension Sri Chakra, and imagine that the bindu in its center is the peak of a mountain. The imagine that the mountain is built up in tiers, each tier being one of the circles of triangles or lotus petals, with the outermost square representing ground level. Now, imagine a vertical spine down the center of the mountain, then at each point that the spine and a tier intersect, there is a chakra. The peak represents Mount Meru, abode of the Gods.

The Maha Vidya Temple in Malaysia and India, uses both the Sri Chakra and the Maha Vidyas to help you heal your life, discover your new sexuality, and finally use your sexual energy to enhance your spiritual life. Seeking to find your true self, then The Mahavidya Temple can serve your need.

With Para-Tan sound healing we worship the body as a Sri Chakra. The lines that form the triangles are the nadis in the body, which is responsible to energies the body, and lack of can promote illness.

Para-Tan Sound healing can energize the body, thus help to remove emotional memories which can manifest in the body as illnesses, a Tumor, breast cancer, chronic fatigue, depression and menstrual disorder

Those who worship the Divine Goddess, who is God in Mother form, as the supreme power, which creates, sustain and withdraws the Universe, to a Sakta. A true Sakta see all women as the form of the Divine Mother, and worships her as the same. A Sakta does not worship the temple (human body), but worships the God/Goddess within. The awareness of the body receives the worship. The best form of worship the Sri Chakra are the living form, both Women and Men The Goddess and Gods can be invoked in them and worshiped as a form of external worship. Our Master used this very method to heal Women and Men of all their past pains and trauma.

A Sakta’s who have a partner will always begin by worshiping their partner’s temple, before learning to internalize their worship of the Goddess. Without attending the first grade, one cannot progress to the University of Life, unless one has done all of it in their previous life, as such they are eligible for the internalization approach.

Discover the secret of Yoni Puja and the hidden secrets of the Sri Chakra. During Yoni Puja, a healing worship, sounds of the Divine Mother is used in 10 different sports, six points of the male and female triangles, two points within, one above and the other, below. Those who are ready to receive Yoni Puja, is destined to be enlighten.

The yantra is a metaphor for the descent of spirit into matter, the manifestation of the universe out of the primordial darkness. At the very center of the yantra is the bindu. Around it are interlaced nine triangles. Five of this triangles represents Sakti, pointing downwards, and four representing Siva, point upwards. The triangles themselves called yoni and thus the yantra has the name navayoni chakra.

When the supreme Sakthi, of our will assumes every form in the universe, in that one quivering instant the Cakra comes to being (Yogini-hrdaya 1.9.10)

Each point of the triangle vibrates with its own sound and the combination of the three sounds is the primal sound of the universe. The triangles symbolize the female principle, the Sakthi, while the fiercely compacted energies of the vibrating point, the parabindu, represents the male principle.

Within its depths the interlocking triangles shine, inviting the adept to clime their lattice work and ascend from the realms of matter into that of spirit. The yantra is grounded in the real world, within each being.

In the Sri Yantra, which is the universe, Siva and Sakthi, cannot be separated, so must it be that woman, and man cannot be separated. Although we may speak of a triangle being Sakthi, or a point being Siva, and of static and active energies, in fact these energies are aspects of one another. The icon of Kali dancing on the corpse of Siva, as seen at our Maha Vidya Temple, is not the dance of Mother Kali alone, Siva is dancing within her limbs, and when Siva dances the tandava that destroys the world. Kali is dancing within his limbs. Siva is eternally in Sakthi and Sakthi in Siva, and this is the same with man and woman, just that we have decided to walk the path of self-obliteration.

The Sri Chakra is microcosm as well as macrocosm. Of the nine elements that form the human body, five are produced by the five Sakthi triangles and four by four Siva triangles. They are produced by the intimate interaction of the male and female energies, for the whole triangle represents the divine pair in union, indeed, in that same passionate, blissful union on the mountain-top in the dawn of the world.

Para-Tan therapist can emulate and use the body created by Siva-Sakti as the Sri Yantra or Navayoni cakra.

Kundalini is the energy of Sakthi Herself, the primal energy that creates the world, lies coiled within each of us, waiting to be awoken. The sexual energy arouses and uplifts us, generates love and copulate, the driving force of evolution, the mating instinct. For a Para-Tan therapist, the object of all rituals with one’s partner, whether it be via the medium of yantra, mantra, or sacramental sex, is to awaken the kundalini energy. Sound of the Goddess can awaken where it lies coiled at the base of the spine in the muladhara cakra, and draw her up to the sahasrara cakra at the cranium; cerebral plexus, thus meeting the Guru within.

Such an undertaking is neither easy and used to take a lifetime or is it particularly safe. Kundalini has been known to be very dangerous. Before beginning, a program of Para-Tan Lovemaking meditation the mind and body has to thoroughly purified. It is not wise to undertake Kundalini meditation or Para-Tan practice, except under the guidance of an experience and respectable teacher. For this reason, the science of Para-Tan Sound Healing an art of Lovemaking, has never and will never be published, not to hide the teaching, but to share it with those who are born to receive it. Most people, who are not ready, will never be ready to receive the teaching, though they are introduced to the teaching.

Having the spark of enlightenment is easy, but to sustain it is very difficult. Her energy has to be used, for which one has to have the right guna, or work to develop the right guna..


The term Guna is generally translated “Qualities”.

Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas.

Rajas, the dynamic, and sattva and tamas are static by nature. Sattva and tamas can neither reveal nor suppress without being first rendered active by rajas.

The Devi is the state of stable equilibrium of these three gunas. When the state is disturbed, the manifested universe appears, in ever object of which one or other of the three gunas is in ascendant. Thus in Devas as in those who approach the divya state, sattva predominates, and rajas and tamas are very much reduced. That is, their independent manifestation is reduced

In one person as compared with another, the sattva guna may predominate, in which case his or her temperament is sattvik. In another the rajoguna may prevail, and in the third the tamoguna, in which case the individual is described as rajasic, or tamasic.

The object of Para-Tan practice is to bring out and make preponderant the sattva guna by the aid of rajas, which operates to make the former guna active.

When sattva is made active impressions of happiness result, and when rajas or tamas are active the impressions are those of sorrow and delusion.

Where sattva or happiness is present, there sorrow and delusion are suppressed. When rajas or sorrow is predominant, there happiness and delusion are suppressed. When tamas or delusion is predominant, as in the case o inorganic world, both happiness and sorrow are suppressed.

In human, the sattva in Buddhi is considered active, is natural in all humans. For this reason human birth is, for spiritual purposes, very important. Not all humans, however, are capable of forming such conceptions in an equal degree. The degree o activity in an individual’s Buddhi depends on his or her karma. However bad such karma may be in any particular case, the individual is yet gifted with sufficiency of grace, if properly aroused and aided, will enable one to better one’s spiritual condition by inducing the rajoguna in him or her to give more and more activity to the sattva guna in one’s Buddhi.

This guna are governed by the placement of the moon in the natal chart. At IFC, we make it a point to study the chart of a prospective student, so the program is offered according to the guna and kosha is active.

The Tantras recognize five bodies.

Annamayi Kosha —– Sheath of Matter — made of food, the body in which our waking consciousness dwell, which we work, play, and make love.

Pranamayi Kosha —- Sheath of Vital air — is the body of vital life energy.

Manomayi Kosha —- Sheath of Mind —- the mental body, a body constructed of thought.

Vijnanamayi Kosha —- Sheath of Knowledge — the spiritual body.

Anandamayi Kosha —- Sheath of Bliss —- the body of joy of union with Adi Sakthi.

According to Bhutasuddhi-Tantra, the body contains some 72,000 nadis. A nadi is a subtle channel through which the vital life energy, or Prana-Sakthi, flows from cell to cell. Nadis are linked with the chakras. The central canal, Sushumna, plays a vital role in yogic and Tantric practices. Chakras are centers of interchange between physical and psychological energy within the physical dimension, and prana is the force that links the physical with the mental and the mental with the spiritual.

Of all the nadis, the three most important are Sushumna, Ida, and Pingala. The Sushumna nadi is route by which the kundalini, or Kundalini Devi, in the body travels upwards from chakra to chakra. The Sushumna nadi raises in the muladhara, the base chakra, ascends to the crown chakra, Sahasrara Chakra. Rising of kundalini is the mission of the Tantric yogi and Para-Tan therapist.

The Ida nadi has its origin in the right testicle or ovary and run up the left side of the spinal column and eventually to the left nostril. Ida is feminine, ruled by the moon, and represents the divine nectar. The Pingala nadi arise in the left testicle or ovary and runs up the right side of the spinal column, eventually to the right nostril. It is masculine and ruled by the sun. These three nadis, Sushumna, Ida, and Pingala flows together in the muladhara chakra then separate to come together again in the Ajna charka.

On the top right-hand corner of this page you will find the sound of the Goddesses, Bija sound that are used during Para-Tan sound healing. An Inner Tantric practice, deeper tradition of Tantra, its multidimensional vision of the Divine and its transformative practices of bija mantra that take us far beyond the outer models of how Tantra is usually presented today.

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