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Take the first step to improving your emotional fitness

You worked hard to stay in gorgeous shape. Now it is time to start exercising on the inside.

how healthy are your emotions?  how does it effect the center of your being – the Navel?

Navel health, Lee Curtis, Cindy CrawfordNavel: The navel is the center of your physical universe. When the navel is off-center, so is the physical body creating an imbalance in the emotions, energy system and organs? The navel is very good means of determining imbalances in the body. Any pull in a particular direction reveals the effects on the body’s Center and organs that are situated in the direction of the pull, both superficially and deep. The navel is similar to a funnel. It should be round, centered and symmetrical, firm and springy, not hard or tight, nor soft and weak.

One of the navels below belongs to what one could consider role model for the women of today and the future. The navel belongs to  women. like  Britney Spears, Lisa Faulkner, Cindy Crawford, Angelia Jolie, Jodie Foster, Elle, Jamie Lee Curtis, Madonna, Seymour, Adriana Sklebarikova, Catherine Bell, Elizabeth Harley, Donna Berrico, Jennifer Hiewitt, Kyliae Minogue, Laetitia Casta, Alana Soares, Roselyn Sanchez. All the navel below are unhealthy to very unhealthy.

Navel, Navel direction, Britney Spears, Helena. Yamilla Diaz, Adriana, Britney, Caprice Bourett This navel belongs to a Top,  young and healthy looking person, and her navel turning bad. Success and  money does not necessarily means that one is happy and leads a balanced life. She has an upward pull starting to show. Most of this condition can be healed through sound healing. Upper pull, would causes the following problems, menstrual discomfort or disorder, constipation, heart burn, breathing problems and insomnia with some cases

Navel, Navel direction, Britney Spears, Helena. Yamilla Diaz, Adriana, Britney, Caprice Bourett The navel of the person is relatively healthy and all the navels below are unhealthy to very unhealthy. They are navel of actresses, actors, models,  yoga teacher and physical instructors. A note of warning,   please do not pierce you navel as done by many women and men in present time. This will block the energy flow, thus creating health problems in the future.

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Angelia Jolie

Cindy Crawford

Donna Derrico

Jodie Foster

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Melissa Joan Harp

Halle Berry

Leanna Scott


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