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The Divinity of your Soul

The Soul in Sanskrit, is called Atman, which means happiness or bliss itself. It is not that happiness belongs to the soul; it is that the soul itself is happiness.

There is a saying in the East. ‘As the soul is, so are its angles’. The donkey will prefer thistles to roses

Today’s world one often confuses happiness with pleasure. Pleasure is only an illusion, a shadow of happiness; and in this delusion one may pass one’s whole life, seeking after pleasure and never finding satisfaction. There is a Hindu saying that one looks for pleasure and finds pain

Every pleasure seems happiness in outward appearance, it promises happiness, for it is the shadow of happiness, but just as a shadow of a person is not the person, though representing his or her form, so pleasure represents happiness but it is not happiness in reality.

ParaTan can help rekindle your soul, thus feeling real happiness, with the sound of the Goddesses.

When we speak of human being we all understand this to mean male and female being, but when we speak of the God/Goddess, everyone has their own conception. In today’s world very few see themselves as part of God/Goddess, in other word, as themselves.

Do you see any sign of it?

Yes, in your devotion, in your idealistic tendencies, in your innocence, in the love and beauty of your nature, in all this qualities you will show the quality of the Universe.

Being it touch with your soul!

In every soul there is a possibility of seeing and hearing, and that every soul would be most delighted to attain this power. Para-Tan Sound, or the Sound of the Goddesses can make this a possibility for all.

The eyes are given to see with, the soul to see further. Nevertheless, to seek for extraordinary powers, for phenomena, is going backward instead of forward. If one proceeds along the path that beneficence all, that which is willed can be attained.

Development of personality

” If one has gold and jewels it means nothing; if one has no personality”

Individuality is one thing and personality is another. A soul is born an individual, but without a personality. Personality is built after one is born, made here on earth. As a child one’s personality influenced by the parents, then the school environment, then, become governed by the environmental pollution of the area one live in. The people of NY behave differently from those living in LA, and those living in Sydney behave differently from those living in Melbourne, for the environmental pollution of each area is different. We chose South India, and especially a remote small village, for the environmental pollution in this area is very low or too low to have an impression.

The Great gurus and teachers of all time have put much emphasis on this one point that those who wish to seek after trust must above all give their thought and mind to the development of personality

Being Master of your Destiny!

There are two opposite opinion existing in the world; one belongs to those who are called fatalists, and other is the opinion of those who believe in fee will. There is truth in both possibilities, but at the same time the middle way is the best, the way of understanding how far free will works and also where free will is hindered.

We need free will to shape our destiny, and faith in the Universe that we live in, to help us fulfill our destiny without much hindrance.

To shape our destiny we need to know about the mind and the soul. Is the mind within the body, and is the soul within the mind? As according to science the brain is within the body, then one could think that the mind too is within the body. It is not so. It is much within as without. It is vaster and wider than the physical body. The mind spread into many layers of the universe. and within.

The word ‘within’ has a quite different meaning from that which we attach to in everyday language. When we speak of the mind being within it means a different dimension; it does not mean in the head or in the breast. It means within each atom of the body, within every nerve and every blood cell. At the same time it is nearest to our being, the soul. In the same way the soul is both within and without the mind.

Every soul and mind posses the best qualities as a special inheritance, though it may be covered by all the impressions it has gathered along the way, from child birth to now, mainly for its environment.  The environmental pollution in most modern society is generally very polluted with all sorts of negative impressions. The cells become the store-house for the negative impressions, thus promoting illness. 

All souls has the possibilities of spiritual progress. Through Sounds of the Divine Goddesses, we can help you remove the unwanted impressions, thus allowing your soul to experience its special inheritance. For information on infected cells please click here

Famous personalities such as Brandon Bays, Deepak Chopra and renowned cellular biologist Dr Candace Pert has lot to say cells and how they can influence your life.

In her book “Molecules of emotion” Dr Candace Pert writes in detail on this topic. From the moment we are created in the womb, our cells start a memory of their own. Every experience we have from that moment we enter a physical form till we die is primary gathered in the body not in the brain. The memory bank in the brain which holds the pictures of events is not yet fully grown after birth and therefore it does not use its full capacity yet. The body has an intelligence of its own she scientifically explains.

Experience life

The body is an instrument for experiencing life; both the worlds, within and without, are reflected in this instrument. Therefore, purity of the body is the first essential thing, and the essential, in the path of spiritual attainment. Mystics are in the view that external cleanliness matters nothing to them, and internal cleanliness is most importance, as all the passages in the body is connected with the centers. This centers are most important in spiritual development, and it is upon the cleanliness and purity of these passages that spiritual development depends, and for the person of the world, happiness and health.

The vehicle which is made of earth can be cleaned with water and by air. Therefore besides external cleansing inner ablutions are necessary to make the body a proper vehicle for the working of the spirit. In many different religions different way of ablution is taught. With Para-Tan we use the sound of the Goddess for inner ablutions, which will be helpful in making the body a fitting instrument for the spirit to experience life.

The external organs of the body are used for external activities, but the inner ones are the instrument of the mind. The factors which are closer to the mind and which are more important for human being then the physical organs are the chakras which are located in the body, and the cleaner the nadi system (channels) are the more active the chakras become.

The first stage in ParaTan Sound healing cleanse the nadi system and all infected cells of past impressions. It also invokes the Kundalini energy which is dormant in the base chakra. The Kundalini energy that we work with is more like concentric circle, it is ever expanding. There is a vast potential, which lies within each of us, potential of energy, power, heightened perception, awareness. Para-Tan offers a blueprint of the vast energy circuits in the body to be taped, thus promoting joy and happiness.

The Kundalini energy, properly handled and controlled, can become a powerful tool in one’s life. It makes its present felt most of the time accidentally or only in a limited way as clairvoyance, clairaudience, or personal magnetism. Most people who attend Para-Tan sound healing circles have in some way or the other felt this energy, mainly as personal magnetism.

Naturally, therefore, Para-Tan practice involves a set practices and exercises, such as sound therapy, rituals, body massage, yoga, breath-control, contemplation, visualization and mantras.

The main emphasis, however is on mental exercise, reprogramming of how one thinks, by using an effective dialog process, with have been proven to very effective.

ParaTan procedures focuses on the four basic aspects of the individual, namely the vital current, mind, consciousness and energy, are harmonized.

Modern man and woman are under tremendous pressure, perhaps greater than at any other time in history. Whatever the lifestyle, one seems to move too fast to digest the experiences that take place during each day. The complexity of life has become such that one is emotionally inter woven. The Natural life rhythm simply cannot absorb the constant impact of the multi media, urban living, combined with the many power struggles, which are outside the domain of an individual’s control. To help you change the scenario of LIVE NOW, and unfortunate reaction leading ever faster down the road of disaster, encouraging self-indulgence and excesses on many levels. The Mahavidya Inner Health Center has created a center in a remote village in South India, free from modern influence, most of all the heavy environmental pollution that one experiences in the most modern cities..

During ParaTan Inner Sakthi Yoga Sadhana we use the Sound of the Goddesses helps to invoke Kundalini Energy that manifest itself in us, in as many ways as the sun has rays. In most persons, it is latent. By using Mantra Sakti, we activate this powerful energy with each sounding. Para-Tan sounding can be compared to an electric light dimmer, which, with each turn of the dial, gradually release more power and so increases the light, so does the sounding, increases the energy within with each sounding. With Para-Tan, one does not have to spend long periods of meditation or lots of complicated practices, just being able to receive, is what is needed.

Dancing with life!

This life as we live it is a most painful life. It crushes and grinds all to make them a better person. If one gives their thought to it, they will profit by it and would become a better person. If we only knew how to profit by them, at a time when every little bone and piece of skin of every animal is used for something, we yet do not make use of our life experiences. One always looks for a way out, rather then to learn from it, and prevent it from reoccurring.

Para-Tan love dance can help give one the strength to see all trials as the trial of learning.
The manner of friendliness is considered as the main part in the study of Para-Tan and Tantra, for the Tantrik in all ages has given great important to the art of personality. Para-Tan us the spiritual philosophy of love, harmony and beauty, it is most necessary for a Tantric to express friendliness through ones personality. In the East, manner is given great prominence in life. According to the Tantrik all beauty comes from the Goddesses, so beautiful manner is a divine expression.

The following are the different aspect of Friendliness.

Respect, for the self and others, hospitality, consideration, humility or selflessness, graciousness, and tenderness to your own feeling and the feeling of others is very important. Harmoniousness, fidelity, loyalty, constancy, sympathy, moderation in speech, self-respect, keeping one’s word, proving trustworthy in dealings, honor and pride

The sounds of the Goddesses will help invoke beautiful manner in all who come to India with a real desire to love and be loved.

15 days intensive program in Malaysia for just  US $1512, all inclusive, board and lodging.

In addition you will be exploring the following.

1. Yoni and Lingam healing
2. Sound Healing
3. Maha Vidya worship
4. Fire ritual

You can attend the Goddess training for either three months for 4320 Euro

Inner Sakthi Tantric practice, is a deeper tradition of Tantra, its multidimensional vision of the Divine and its transformative practices of bija mantra that take us far beyond the outer models of how Tantra is usually presented today

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