ParaTan means the Supreme form of Tantra; it is part of Tantric Shaktas Tradition and has a deep relationship with Inner Shakti Yoga and Sri Vidya Sadhana.

Sri Vidya Sadhana - Esoteric Shakta Tantrism. Centering on the Goddess Tradition The Focus on the the Great Goddesses, their Mantra and Yantra

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Para-Tan Sound Healing


“Sound is the medicine of the future.” E. Cayce

What is Para Tan Sound Healing?

Para Tan Sound Healing is a spiritual tool and at the same time a healing journey through the vibration of  Bija mantras, (seed Mantras, sacred sounds) of the Tantric tradition. ParaTan Sound healing is a process of gradual alignment of all levels of a being (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) to one's true Self,  thus being free to connect with the Supreme Cosmic Consciousness. This connection creates a state of Joy, Grace, Love, Compassion and Fullness.

It is a gift of the Universal Consciousness in the form of the Mother Goddess Kali to support the spiritual evolution in the age of Kali Yuga. After years of inspired meditation and devotional practices, this precious tool has been brought back to life by the Indian Tantric Master Shri Param Eswaran, Father of ParaTan, Master of the Living Goddess Tradition and founder of the first Mahavidya Temple in Tamil Nadu (South India) and the Mahavidya Inner Health Center in Seremban (Malaysia).

What makes Para Tan sound healing so special for this age?

Sound Healing uses the power of the Bija mantras as vehicle capable of leading to the realization of the divine within oneself and around us. The great aspect of this system, which makes it unique and exceptionally powerful, is that the sounds are projected directly to specific points on the body, according to the sacred geometry of the Maha Meru (Sri chakra). The body is worshiped as a sacred temple of the soul, as the space in which we celebrate the correspondence between microcosm and macrocosm.

The Bija Mantras used during healing circles are: Om, Brim, Aim, Hrim, Shrim, Hlrim, Klim, Krim, Sauh.

Why is sound so effective and powerful in the healing process and in the awakening of inner consciousness?
Through sound, the body, like a resonator, begins to vibrate at frequencies aligned to mantras, which in their essence are the primordial manifestation of the Great Cosmic Mother. This tuning of the individual level with the universal level, is the bridge that allows one to experience a sense of integration and union with the very source of the creative energy as it manifests in the human body as Mother Kundalini. The creative energy that is in the Universe exists in fact at certain frequencies in the body of every human being. This correspondence makes it possible and easy to recall the energy through sound.

By awakening the energy and innate wisdom present in the body the healing and empowering process starts that starts, and allows the expression of ones potentialities.

What happens when sounds begins to travel in the body?

Sound vibrations runs through the nadis (subtle energy channels) and through the chakras (energy wheels). The sound will penetrate to the cellular level, arriving in the innermost regions of the body, allowing the elimination of toxins and release of physical tension and emotional blocks. Cellular memories  that have  blocked nadis and chakras, are gradually released thus giving space for the free flow of Prana (vital energy). The vibrational frequency of each cell increases, the spirals of DNA and RNA are restructured, the pineal and pituitary glands are stimulated.

What  are the benefits?

The effectiveness of the practice occurs within a short period of time and continues to grow exponentially when the practice is carried out continuously.

Through Para Tan Sound Healing you can:

I ) expand your awareness
II ) connect with your inner wisdom
III) access a state of joy that will become more frequent, deeper and lasting
IV) find more enthusiasm, courage, life force and confidence
V) increase self-esteem
VI ) improve the relationship with yourself and with others
VII) activate unexpressed potential
VIII) be free of fear, anxiety, pain, anger, loss, incompleteness, sadness, chronic fatigue
IX) dissolve physical tension, emotional and sexual blocks, gain relaxation and lightness
X) obtain greater centering to face problems, difficulties and daily challenges
XI) strengthen the immune system

What does the practice consist of?

Para Tan Sound Healing can be experienced both in individual sessions or collectively in a Para Tan sound healing circle.

During an individual session a client will receive the sound projected on to their body by the therapist. With time a client  will learn how to use the sound with their own voice and mudras (sacred postures of the fingers and hands).

In the healing circles, a person will be lying in the center and the other participants  will form a circle around the person. The person in the center is considered the embodiment of the Divine Consciousness as the Goddess or God to be worshipped through the ritual of sound. He or she will be the conductor of healing energy. The person in the middle does not sound with their  own voice, he or she is like the conductor of a symphony of many voices that will join each other to form a unique voice. Five people will act as an anchor for the person in the center, to ensure that Mother Kundalini can be free to express Herself but at the same time  She is gently contained. The anchor persons are placed  1 at  the head (a spot where only the Divine Feminine can sit), two at the hands, and two at the feet. Shri Param Eswaran or his assistant will sound directly  the Bija Sounds on the body of the person lying down. The other participants will repeat the same sound thus amplifying the sound. The vibrations will travel within the body of the person in the center and also permeating each participant. Everyone will benefit from the energy of love created, in an uninterrupted flow of giving and receiving.

Sound Healing is the art of making love through sounds (it is not about sexual practices and nudity is not required). Subtle bodies are activated and move in a dance that reflects the interplay of opposing energies that gave rise to the creation, bringing a sense of unity and liberation.

Who can attend Sound Healing Circles?

Every living soul can benefit from ParaTan Sound. To attend either individual sessions or healing circles one does not have to have any prior experience of the practice of the mantra, nor having done any kind of voice training. ParaTan is the sound and the Power of the Universe. ParaTan is Love, Loving, and being Loved. All that is required is the willingness to open your heart and enthusiasm to share the sounds.

The Energetic Embrace

The most intense form of union to which we have access has a vibrational nature; The vibrations of Sacred Sounds as used in the system of ParaTan. ParaTan is an exceptional vehicle to experience the magic and the extraordinary healing power of an Energetic Embrace .
Francesca Krim


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