ParaTan means the Supreme form of Tantra; it is part of Tantric Shaktas Tradition and has a deep relationship with Inner Shakti Yoga and Sri Vidya Sadhana.

Sri Vidya Sadhana - Esoteric Shakta Tantrism. Centering on the Goddess Tradition The Focus on the the Great Goddesses, their Mantra and Yantra

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Para-Tan Sound Healing


My experience with  Maithuna Ritual

Para Tan Meditative Love Making

I have experienced this meditative ritual in which the union between Shiva and Shakti is purely symbolic and takes place primarily within our own being, as the communion of the male and the female, both last year during the workshop of Shri Param Eswaran in Italy, and both in the last few days during the intensive training that I am following in the Para Tan Centre in Malaysia.

The effects are extraordinary:
on an emotional level, I found a centering that in the most recent period, due to a certain hustle and bustle of metropolitan life stress, began to waver;

and on the spiritual and energy level has emerged a sense of expansion and fullness and rivers joy, suddenly, unexpected, and a Trust that everything is perfect as it is. A sense of surrender, the perception of being in the womb of the Great Mother;

on the physical plane, it was amazing to deal with the effects of jet lag: I was completely dazed and confused, I could not sleep well and I was " in the air " (more than usual!), and after the practice I finally managed to rest deeply and to restore the proper rhythm sleep/wakefulness. The body has found grounding and integration.

The more you practice the better you become sensitive, and you learn to let go, to allow the sound to accompany you on his journey to Home.

Francesca Krim


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