ParaTan means the Supreme form of Tantra; it is part of Tantric Shaktas Tradition and has a deep relationship with Inner Shakti Yoga and Sri Vidya Sadhana.

Sri Vidya Sadhana - Esoteric Shakta Tantrism. Centering on the Goddess Tradition The Focus on the the Great Goddesses, their Mantra and Yantra

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Para-Tan Sound Healing



The Power Bija Mantras

What science says today had already been sensed by the great mystics thousands of years of years ago, when they did not invent the mantras (sacred sounds), but have heard about the resonance while in deep states of meditation. The bridge between western science and eastern wisdom is the result of human intuition when it is connected to the Supreme source.

The human body is a resonator that responds to the vibration of the bija mantra (seed mantra), if sung with the correct frequency, the bija mantras are able to activate specific energy centers, chakras and nadis to clear emotional memories from the past, and to bring harmony and connection of the physical, mental, spiritual level.

Each bija is associated with a color, an element, a deity, a method of recitation.

For recitation you should use a rosary that can be made of pearls, emeralds, lotus seeds, rudrakshas , crystal , coral , ruby, red sandalwood, and so forth.

The ParaTan (Inner Shakti Yoga) Sound Healing as taught by Master Shri Param Eswaran is a spiritual path and a healing art that uses bija sounds to awaken the awareness of the divinity within.

Here are a few Bija Mantras used:


OM or AUM is a mystical or sacred syllable: the mantra "AUM" is the name of God, the vibration of the Supreme in its three elementary aspects: Brahma Shakti (creation), Vishnu Shakti (preservation) and Shiva Shakti (liberation, and/or destruction). OM or AUM representing Brahman, the impersonal Absolute of Supreme Consciousness, omnipotent, omnipresent, and the source of all manifest existence.


HRIM (pronounced Hreem) governs over the cosmic magnetic energy and the power of the soul and causal body. It is the prime mantra of the Great Goddess (Shakti) and the Sun, the ruler of the worlds and holds all her creative and healing powers. HRIM is the mantra of the Divine Maya that destroys the worldly maya. It has a solar quality to it but more of a dawn-like effect.

HRIM awakens us at a soul or heart level, connecting us to Divine forces of love and attraction. It is charming and alluring, yet purifying. Through it we can control the illusion power of our own minds.

In Vedic terms HRIM is a mantra of the Sun, particularly in terms of illumination. It increases our aspiration and receptivity to Divine light, wisdom and truth. It opens the lotus of the heart to the inner Sun of consciousness. It is a mantra of the region of heaven or the consciousness space in which all the worlds exist. Right side of the body.


KRIM (pronounced Kreem) governs over prana as lightning or electrical energy. KRIM grants all spiritual faculties and powers - from the arousing of Kundalini to opening the third eye. It has a special power relative to the lower chakras, which it can both stimulate and transform. It helps awaken and purify the subtle body.

KRIM is the great mantra of Kali, the Goddess of energy and transformation. It is also the mantra of Indra, the supreme deity of the Vedas, the Divine as the cosmic lord and enlightenment force. KRIM is the thunderbolt or vajra that destroys the serpent of the ignorance and releases the light of absolute truth. As a mantra of work and transformation, KRIM is the mantra of Kriya Yoga, the Yoga of practice. It is the main mantra of the Yoga Shakti. KRIM carries the supreme life force. It is a strong mantra; use it with care. Throat and Second Chakra


SHRIM (pronounced Shreem) is a mantra of love, devotion and beauty. SHRIM is a Kamala or Lakshmi mantra, the Goddess of Beauty and divine grace. Yet SHRIM works at a deeper level than merely to give us the good things of life, including health. It takes us to the heart and gives faith and steadiness to our emotional nature.
SHRIM allows us to surrender to, take refuge in, or be immersed in whatever we offer the mantra to. It is the mantra of beauty and delight and has a pleasing lunar quality. It also relates to the head and can be used to flood the senses with divine beauty and delight. It promotes health and aids in fertility and rejuvenation. The left side of the body.


Krishna-Mantra: klim or bijaksara of Kama. It 's the mantra of the Goddess Kama. "Ka" means Kamadeva, the Lord desires, it also means Krishna. "La" means Indra, the ruler of heaven, and also the Lord of the senses. "I" means the fulfillment or satisfaction. Could be used in the second chakra area.
Kidney area, just below the rib cage.


The prime mantra for Bagalamukhi the seed-syllabe Hlriim. The addition of the la-sound to the mantra Hrim gives it the power to stop things. This mantra is traditionally chanted to: 1)stop all internal foes--in the form of fears, doubts, worries, ego, etc., and 2) paralyze external foes: those who wish to do you harm to you in some way, especially in the form of speech and written word: she stops the negative speech and harmful intentions of others towards you. Right lip of the Yoni


Mantra for Matangi, who is an aspect of Saraswati the Goddess of Wisdom.- Use it for Intelligence. The word 'Aim' in above mantra denotes Vachana Shakti, the power of articulation, calling, guiding and teaching.
Aim is also the bija sound for Mercury. Mercury is the great messenger of the Gods. He is the planet, which represents speech, communication and commerce on all levels. In his lower function he organizes and articulates material resources. On a higher level he connects us with our inner capacities--the powers of the mind. Solar plexus, Navel and also the left lip of the Yoni


BRIHASPATI - He's a Vedic deity, personification of piety and religion, the chief offerer of prayer and sacrifices, he is the deity of "wisdom" and "eloquence". Third eye.


The Sakthi bija.
The Divine Energy in the sound of the syllable "Sauh" is associated with the third eye (Ajna) chakra. It is a 'shakti' (Power) activating sound.
SAUH is Sakthi, and the sound for the third eye or bindu.

Francesca Krim



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